imageFull moon tonight. So beautful and majestic. No matter how many times I’ve seen it or how long I stare at it, it always takes my breath away. And it looks bigger and closer from this side of the world. Like a spotlight, it lights up the surface of the earth.

Psalm 8:3-4
“When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers—the moon and the stars you set in place— what are mere mortals that you should think about them,
human beings that you should care for them?”

I just watched a movie last night which showed some people who consider a volcano a god. Probably because of its power and ability to cause destruction. As I look at the moon into detail, I remember the Creator. More than a volcano, He has the ability to cause an even greater destruction and should be feared. More than the moon, His light reaches even the darkest corners of our heart. Clearly, His creations speaks of Him but not entirely of Him. There’s much more to the beauty that we see right now. Wow!

Praise God!




Happy birthday, Ate Lyn!

Story of my salvation

When I was lost,

Didn’t know myself

You brought me to You,

Told me how You loved me,

Showed me who You are.

There I found who I am–


I am Yours.


I want to write…

I want to write better for You. But even when I am at a loss for words, You still see my heart, in which I verily speak, just the same.

Heart check

I know in my heart that what I desire is to worship God but contrary to it, I have been messing up and have been doing things that made me forget Him. In a few hours, I would be so on fire. The next thing I know, I’m caught up by things of this world. It went on and on. Until one night, I didn’t know why I was hurting so bad. I thought it was because I keep sinning and yet all God does is to forgive me and love me still. But I know that when this realization comes to my mind, I would have peace in my heart again. It got me confused.

Then it hit me, what I really wanted was to do it for myself. I wanted to be a person worthy of what God is giving me. I got more and more frustrated because I will never ever be that kind of person, no one will. The worst part is I knew it all along yet I kept naive. I needed to be reminded that it is by grace and only by grace that I am saved, not by works.

Ephesians 2:8,9

8 God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. 9 Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it.

I thought I was being righteous. This is a lesson for me–and I hope anyone reading this would also be encouraged–to check on our hearts and see if it still desires the will of God.

This path tells me

This path tells me that I will meet all kinds of trouble along the way. This life guarantees huge risks and the hardest choices. I will trip. I will stumble. I will fall. I will be wounded. Every scene that comes into my mind scares me to death. I don’t like it. It doesn’t look nice. It sure won’t feel nice. But something, like a force, pushes me to move. Something big, something strong. So strong that it will make me face all troubles with nothing more than my weakness. So strong that it will lift me up right when I fall so hard I could almost give up. Too strong that I wouldn’t even notice how far I’ve gone because it would occupy all of me. Most of all, because of what lies ahead. The reward. Every time I look forward to it from where I am standing, I couldn’t help but just be excited, forgetting the obstacles I still have to go through. I see it and it’s so worth it.

It’s summer. The weather is unusually hotter than

It’s summer. The weather is unusually hotter than it has always been during this season.

Most days, the heat of the sun is all there is. Once your skin get exposed to sunlight, it would feel like you’re on a grill, it would force sweat to come out of those tiny holes on your skin called pores. The next thing you know, you’ve ran out of clean, dry shirts.

Then the wind would visit on occasion. And it is truly something to celebrate. Just the light touch of it on your skin bring so much relief. And since you know it won’t be for long before it leaves, you freeze the moment. You close your eyes and let your hair be freely blown away. You let it tickle your face with its soft, tender touch. You smile at its gentle whisper.

And then, it’s gone…again.

The heat of the sun is all there is…again.


Ecclesiastes 3:1

“For everything there is a reason…”



There is a time for the heat and a time for the wind.

Like how you would embrace the wind, you should with the heat.

You would not appreciate one without the other.

Seize the moment. Enjoy both heat and the wind.

This is what it means to not take things for granted, to treasure moments.